5 Things We All Can Learn From Postman’s Rajini

July 8, 2019


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1. Free-spirited personality

Have you ever written a letter to someone you love? Do you understand the significance of a hand-written note? If not, watch ZEE5 Original Series Postman for getting familiar with the sentiments attached to it. Postman is a web-series starring Munishkanth and Keerthi Pandian in the lead roles. Directed by Prashanth Gunasekaran, Postman revolves around Raja, a man who slipped into a coma 23 years ago only to realise he has eight undelivered letters lying in his bag after he regains consciousness. Raja’s son, Rajini, plays a crucial role in delivering the notes to its rightful recipients.

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Rajini inspires her father to deliver the eight letters that were undelivered 23-years-ago. She wants to explore the hidden sentiments associated with the pieces of invaluable paper. So, she sets out on a mission to get them delivered. She doesn’t fear the consequences but is responsible enough to handle the crisis that comes her way.

2. Cheerful

Irrespective of the challenges she has faced since childhood, Rajini is a pleasant person, who always wears a smile. She is bright, lively and joyful. She saw her father bed-ridden during her growing up years, yet she didn’t let adverse situations affect her negatively.

3. Ideal daughter

In spite of knowing that she is Raja’s adopted daughter, she looks after him with utmost care. At a time when biological children abandon their parents, Rajini comes across as that ideal child. The scene where she sees her father regaining consciousness after 23-years will melt your heart.

4. Calm and composed

Rajini has the presence of mind to make the right move to get out of a tricky situation. In the second episode, when she gets into trouble with her father and another lady after visiting a psycho killer’s residence, she smartly uses the emergency number to call for help. The police arrive on time, and she saves herself and the other two people from getting killed.

5. Heart in the right place

Rajini is flamboyant, but she has her heart in the right place. She plays a crucial role in uniting lovers who got separated 23 years ago. However, she knows who deserves compassion and who doesn’t. The way Rajini plots a plan to trap the paedophile to help the detective in the fifth episode is commendable. By assisting a father, who has lost his son, Rajini proves she is caring.

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