5 Things That Prove You Are A Hopeless Romantic Like Maate Mantramu’s Anand-Alekhya

Sneha Bale

September 17, 2019


1 min

1. All about stealing glances

In the ZEE Telugu show Maate Mantramu, Vamsi and Vasundhara, the leads, are always stuck in some conflict or the other. Just when their romance is about t begin a new problem walks in. But the younger siblings to Vamsi and Vasundhara, Anand and Alekhya have it a lot more easy. And that’s maybe because they are hopelessly and endlessly in love with each other. Are you like them too?

We have all seen the endless pictures from films and TV shows that say ‘Get you someone who looks at you like…’ In all honesty, we all want to that someone. But the hopeless romantics are the one who makes this dream come true.

2. Finding a reason to connect

It could 12 am or 2pm. The time doesn’t matter when your ears crave to hear their voices, you just go for it. All thanks to technology, distances are just an idea now. Because you are truly connected to your special one all the time.

3. Thinking of SO 24x7

When you are not hanging out with them or speaking to them, do you find yourself secluded from the world and lost in the thoughts of your special one? Well… you know you’re in love, truly, madly, deeply!

4. Becoming affectionate, generally

A common observation is that most hopeless romantics end up showering love and affection on everyone around them. There’s so much love that it deserves to be shared. *all hail!*

5. Never getting tired of each other

And lastly, there’s nothing such as ‘too much’. You can spend 24 hours together and still be missing them the moment you turn back. That’s you, isn’t it? Let’s not lie and spread the love that’s inside us.

Accept, appreciate and spread the bundle of joy, happiness and love that’s within, when in love. The world could use some of it. Check out more romantic films on ZEE5.

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