Every Youngster Can Relate To These 5 Things From Gulabjaam

Under the direction of Sachin Kundalkar, we see Akshay bloom into a fiercely independent chef who is ready to go great lengths to achieve his dream.

Manjiri Shete

March 15, 2019


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As I watch Gulabjaam on ZEE5, I can’t help but admire the beauty of food while salivating over it. Just like food, this movie is a perfect fusion of Sachin Kundalkar’s direction along with the Sonali Kulkarni and Siddharth Chandekar’s top-notch performances. The movie also displays the culinary scene and explores the relationship between the two strangers.

You can get motivated watching Aditya’s determination in Gulabjaam 

The main character, Akshay (played by Siddharth Chandekar) is a strong-headed youngster who knows his ambitions in life. Like me, a lot of you can relate to him.  On that note, we are listing five of the most relatable things from the movie.

1. We are motivated

No matter what they tell us; we are motivated. As a viewer, I could see this passion in Akshay. To start his business in the food industry, he is ready to learn. Radha was a hard teacher and it was difficult for him, but he didn’t give in to the option of settling for anything less; he was ready to fulfil his dreams.

2. Our parents probably want us to become an engineer or a doctor

Isn’t that typical quality seen in the Indian parents? All of them want their children to become doctors or engineers or get an MBA, without actually knowing their child’s real aspiration. Even talking about becoming a chef or an artist is blasphemous. Akshay, too, had to go through the same situation as all of us.

3. We always have an alternate career path

Should our decision to become an engineer or doctor fail, we are always ready with a plan B. For some of us, it could be joining the family business or for others, it is a hint to finally follow our dreams. The latter is the better. Akshay followed his dream of becoming a chef, this brought him utmost happiness.

4. We are ready to take chances

Unlike our previous generations, we don’t want to follow the usual path. We want to challenge the unseen. For that, we are ready to take chances and make the hardest decisions. Like, when Akshay literally moves continents to follow his dreams and start his business from scratch.

5. We are restless

Our generation has two extremes – one set of people want everything handed on a silver spoon and the other set is constantly restless. They want to do more, be more. I found Akshay was constantly sleepless. He was constantly striving to be better.

So tell us, isn’t this the tastiest Gulabjaam you have ever had? Tell us in the comments below! (*wink wink*)

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