5 Things Every Mother-In-Law Should Learn From 21-Year-Old Guddan, The Youngest Saas On TV

Kenneth Carneiro

March 12, 2020


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1. Guddan is always friends with her bahus

Guddan brings a fresh character to Indian TV with Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega. She breaks the stereotypes of being the old and strict saas who tries to impose her rules and traditions on everyone in the house. In an exclusive interview with us, Kanika Mann who plays Guddan on the show tells us that the character is only 21 years old. We look back and find out the qualities that make Guddan India’s most loved saas. 

Guddan is always clear that she wants to be friends with her bahus. She is nice to her bahus even when they are mean to her. She plans on doing this until they give up and realise that she is a nice person. She goes against Shanti Bua who thinks that Guddan should be strict in controlling her bahus.

2. Guddan protects her bahus at all times

Guddan is also protective of her bahus. She saves them from gangsters and kidnappers who attack the house. She even saves Saraswati from her own brother Parv too. When Durga’s brother, Rocky, tries to misbehave with Saraswati, Guddan steps in and saves her bahu again.

3. Guddan teaches her bahus a lesson

Durga and Saraswati are against Guddan from the beginning. However, Durga realises that Guddan is not as bad as she thinks and has a change of heart. Saraswati refuses to change and continues to trouble Guddan and the rest of the family. Guddan locks her up in a room till she clears up all the problems Saraswati created and then sends Saraswati abroad to her husband.

4. Guddan Knows How To Get Her Work Done

Guddan might be friends with everyone but doesn’t let anyone take advantage of her kindness. She knows how to turn into a strict saas who controls everything too. Like the time, she makes Durga and Saraswati grind atta from wheat grains to prove that she is better off as their friend.

5. Guddan Manages To Keep The Romance Alive

In all the household responsibilities and handling her bahus, Guddan doesn’t forget to keep the romance alive. She and AJ find time to have special moments of their own. They even go out for a late honeymoon to spend quality time with each other.

Watch her performances at the Zee Rishtey Awards, now streaming on ZEE5.

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