5 Things Every Millennial Should Remember Before They Start Adulting

Manjiri Shete

September 21, 2019


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If you have been anywhere close to the virtual world, then you would know, it’s screaming with millennials. One amongst them is Shivani Rangole who essays Madhura in Aamhi Doghi on ZEE5. Like her, we all adore living in the virtual world than the real world itself. Being a millennial comes with a sense that “anything is possible”. Sometimes, we even take it too far by wearing tights to work (um, what?). Us, the millennials, are a proud generation. Social media has taught us to believe that we are a precious wallflower. Thus, everything will be offered to us on a silver spoon.

Here’s a news flash: The universe (or whatever higher power you choose to believe in) doesn’t owe you anything. All of us have it in us to change the world with hard work and determination. For that, you won’t be needing your Pinterest boards and Instagram trending’s blessing. If you are struggling a millennial, here are pointers that will help you ease up.

If you love Shivani Rangole just as much as us, watch her on Aamhi Doghi

1. Get a reality check

When you come from a cocooned environment, it can be hard to gauge the depth of the world. There are going to be hurdles in your career path. But, you are going to overcome and learn from each of those hurdles. As Monica Geller said, “Welcome to the real world. It sucks. But you are going to love it!”

2. Socialise often

Although we are masters of socialising with complete strangers on social media, the idea of talking to someone new in real life is overwhelming to us. Since not all of us are born with a fairy godmother to fulfil our wishes. This socialising in everyday life is going to help you bump into new opportunities.

3. Reduce that sense of entitlement

We may be the smartest and the most educated generation. If only we could eradicate that sense of entitlement from our everyday attitude, we will also become the wisest. You aren’t the unique sunflower that your Pinterest/Instagram tells you. You, sure, can become one after a rigorous hard work (one thing that those quotes artfully forget to mention).

4. Get your finances together

After getting your first salary, it is very tempting to encash it on the coolest stuff that the Internet tempts you to buy. But, here’s a thing folks, your dream house doesn’t come for free. Meaning: You have to save! Think twice before you go all “YOLO”!

5. You can survive without your phone

Focus on your goals and ambitions than on your Instagram notification. Because it’s the former that is going to help you survive in real-life. Turn off your phone for a couple of minutes and go-off from social media (if your job doesn’t require it), your mental health and concentration is more important amid this chaos.

I know guys, adulting is hard; a lot harder than completing that trigonometry homework. But, on the brighter side, you are wildly independent and have been just given an opportunity to explore your dreams. So, tell us in the comments, how are you going to fulfill your dreams?

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