5 Things All Boys Should Do To Be A Gentleman Like Aditya From Maza Hoshil Na

Kedar Koli

April 4, 2020


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Maza Hoshil Na is a romantic comedy airing on Zee Marathi that revolves around the life of Sai and Aditya. These two belong to different financial backgrounds but that doesn’t stop them from falling in love with each other. Sai and Aditya are polar opposites of one another. While the former is a privileged happy-go-lucky girl that borders on being irresponsible, the latter is of a serious nature who puts his career before everything. However, these two are somehow attracted to each other and have been on a dinner date accompanied by Sai’s best friend Naina who’s a third-wheel in their relationship.

Watch the episode where Sai and Aditya meet at the restaurant.

Sai decided to take their friendship a step further by inviting Aditya to a restaurant. She seems to be impressed by Aditya’s chivalry and his nature. Aditya too was taken in by Sai’s charm. However, Naina’s presence at the restaurant disturbed the two who were trying to enjoy their alone time at dinner. Later, Naina expressed her feelings for Aditya to Sai and the latter left the two alone. Sai asked Aditya to drop Naina so that they could get to spend time together. Aditya accepted this halfheartedly and accompanied Naina on their walk back home. While Sai has already fallen for the gentleman that Aditya is, the latter himself flaunts his good side with the utmost ease, when he is with her. Aditya is a thorough gentleman and here are five things all boys should do to be as polished and chivalrous like him.

A Still From Maza Hoshil Na
A Still From Maza Hoshil Na

1. Forgive others

Aditya is known to be compassionate and forgives everyone easily. Remember how he had forgiven Sai who had thrown a glass of water at him for not returning her favourite scarf? This act of forgiveness provided a kickstart to their relationship.

2. Respect elders 

Aditya belongs to a joint family that consists only of males. His grandfather and his four uncles hold an important place in his life. Aditya is known to respect the decisions taken by his family. He also makes it a point to take care of the eldest member of the family- his grandfather- who is suffering from memory loss.

A still from Maza Hoshil Na
A still from Maza Hoshil Na

3. Put efforts in a relationship

Even though Sai and Aditya’s relationship started with a few hiccups, the latter has always taken efforts to sort them out. During the fight over Sai’s scarf, Aditya looked at the bigger picture and apologised for his mistake. He even tried to contact Sai to thank her for wishing him luck for his job interview. Aditya also took efforts to teach Sai the recipe of making coffee and took the conversation a step forward.

4. Be kind at heart

Aditya has a heart of gold and exudes kindness. He was kind enough to drop Naina home even though he wanted to spend more time with Sai.

A Still From Maza Hoshil Na
A Still From Maza Hoshil Na

5. Be humble

Aditya himself belongs to a humble family and therefore is grounded in nature. He hasn’t forgotten his roots and is as down to earth as one should be. Isn’t that a quality everyone looks for in a person?

What do you like about Aditya’s personality? Let us know in the comments section below.

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