5 Ways In Which Alekhya and Vasundhara Give Us Sisterhood Goals In Maate Mantramu

Sneha Bale

November 10, 2019


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1. The substitute to a mother

Recently in the Telugu TV show Maate Mantramu, Alekhya (played by Manasa Charan) was exploited by an evil man and just to save her from the embarrassment, Vasundhara (played by Pallavi Ramisetty) took the blame upon herself. For a long time, the two sisters had been distanced by their grandmother, who hated Vasundhara. But as time progressed, they found solitude and peace in each other.

First things first, Vasundhara’s love for her younger sister is as pure as a mother’s love for her child. The younger and notorious Alekhya, too, reciprocates the same. The two grew up without a mother and in the presence of an evil grandmother. Yet they filled the role of a mother for each other.

2. A shoulder to cry on

Alekhya would always come to Vasundhara for help and advice. But when Vasundhara fell to her lowest, Alekhya gave her a shoulder to cry on and became the pillar of strength for her elder sister.

3. Unapologetic spokesperson

Some times, words hurt more than weapons. And Vasundhara has been going through something like that. The people she was close to and her family wants to see her turn into ashes, but not Alekhya. She is single-handedly taking on the battles coming her sister’s way and vouching for her sister as and when needed.

4. True well-wisher

Since the world has been pointing fingers at Vasundhara, Alekhya wants to see her sister smile and live a better life. Just as Vasundhara has always prayed for Alekhya, the younger sister has now started to join hands in front of the gods — something that she had never done before.

5. The much-needed push forward

Vasundhara has convinced herself that she is paying for her bad karma. But it’s her younger sister who keeps insisting that it is just a phase and the best is yet to come. Truly believing and working towards making her sister’s life better, Alekhya has proved to everyone that¬†sisterhood is the most special relationship of all times.

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