5 Things About Meenakshi That Make Her An Absolute Dream Come True

Sneha Bale

April 30, 2019


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1. All Things Amazing!

Meenakshi, a brand new show on Zee Telugu, is a family drama supported by a wonderful cast. It features the popular Tollywood actor Konidela Nagendra Babu and television star Yamini along with Jyothi Poornima and more. But it is the lead character of Meenakshi (played by Yamini), who has caught our attention. Here are five reasons why.

She is the youngest of four siblings and also the wisest one. She brings cheer and joy everywhere she goes and thinks of ways she can help others.

2. She Makes Life Easier

Meenakshi’s father Naga Bhushanam, played by Nagendra Babu, is a tough man. Pleasing him isn’t an easy task. But Meenakshi knows her ways through his heart and brain. Living with a bunch of oddballs, Meenakshi also seems to be the only one to understand everyone else’s needs and wants and explain to their father the reason behind the behaviour of others.

3. She Genuinely Cares

Meenakshi’s elder brother is busy with his work and the younger brother and elder sister are finding ways to take away money from the house and settle down. Meenakshi is the only one who does what is best for all her siblings and her lonely father. She buys new clothes for them on occasions and even feeds them when needed.

4. Smooth Talker With A Sharp Mind

Meenakshi’s smile will make you grin. That’s how positive her vibes are. But the girl has to deal with too many problems that her family members bring along with them. Over the years, she has developed the skill to handle situations without sounding mean or rude. She says what should be said and does not hurt anyone’s sentiments.

5. She Keeps Things Together

Tragedy strikes when her father passes away and she becomes blind, both on the same day. Given the situation, everyone in the house is looking for ways to keep themselves out of the house and trying to only be concerned about their own lives. But Meenakshi wants to fulfil the wishes of her parents, both of whom have passed away, and ensure that the four siblings live with each other harmoniously.

Family dramas are your thing? Have you seen the popular show Muddha Mandaram on ZEE5 yet?

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