5 Things About Mahabalipuram You Must Know If You Are Planning A Trip Like Rasathi

May 24, 2019


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1. The name says it all

Like Rasathi do you like to travel? Do you also like to know more about the places you visit? Well, in that case, you have come to the right place! Ashwini posted a picture of her travel to Mahabalipuram, in Tamil Nadu. The actress is famous as Rasathi of the Tamil series, Oru Oorla Oru Rajakumari. If you are planning to visit Mahabalipuram just like the actress, here is all you need to know about the historical place.

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According to a popular belief, the place gets its name after the kind-hearted demon King Mahabali. As some ancient scriptures dating back to the Pallava dynasty records the existence of this place as Mamallapuram.

2. Foreign influence

Some researchers believe that the sculptures carved on the Shore Temple are evidence of the foreign influence in the architectural style of the temple. As during the time of the Pallava kings this place was used as a seaport for most of the trading activities. Well, that should explain the carvings of dragons that you would see here.

3. Establish an establishment!

It is believed that during the process of the construction of the Shore Temple by the two famous Pallava kings, the city of Kanchipuram was also established which led to the gradual start of the silk cloth making business in the city.

4. Two narratives, one monument!

At half a kilometre from the Shore Temple is a monument called the Arjuna’s Penance. This sculpture is also known by the name Descent of Ganga, as this monument has two narratives inscribed upon it. One, which depicts Arjuna’s pleading for penance to God post the war of Kurukshetra and the second shows how Bhagirath prayed to God and brought Ganga river on the earth.

5. Speaking of a ball of butter!

Amongst the other places to visit in Mahabalipuram, the place called Krishna’s Butter Ball is a famous spot which attracts a lot of tourists. Here you would witness a gigantic rock that stands tall on a horizontal hilltop. This rock supports itself in some inexplicable manner and has been at the same spot for years now.

So, which of these facts has caught your interest and which place are you planning to visit first. Share your thoughts in the section below.

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