5 Things About Friendship That Kids Can Learn From Vir The Robot Boy And His Pals

Sneha Bale

April 17, 2020


1 min

Make new friends whenever possible

Vir – The Robot Boy is a popular show amongst kids and ZEE5 has made available a film on Vir and his life to kids. The film revolves Vir, who is a robot with human emotions, and his friends – Vir, Imli, Chulbul, and Gintu. Their strong bond can surely teach our kids a thing or two about friendship.

For starters, while most kids decide to stay restricted into one group, this bunch of kids feel overwhelmed and happy to bring in a new team member.

Love outdoors

At a time when children are said to have learned technology before birth, this is the best thing that kids can take away from Vir and his friends. Every day, they have a fixed schedule for their playtime and rendezvous.

Look out for each other

Just like a mother knows when her child needs something, Vir and his friends put extra effort when they understand their friends needs something. It could be a simple need or some motivation. They are always on the lookout for each other’s best life.

Find solutions

When you have a superhuman as your friend, it is obvious that you will see some amazing things. At times, these things may also come with a price and Vir’s friends have happily accepted the good and the bad. Everytime they come across a problem, the gang thinks of a solutions instead of lingering on it.

Give everyone a fair chance

Vir has special powers and some may assume him to be the star of his gang. But that’s not the case here. Despite his strengths, Vir allows everyone to solve problems in their own ways.

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