5 Things About First Love You Can Relate To From Boyz

Manjiri Shete

August 19, 2019


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Marathi movie Boyz captures the feeling of falling in love through Kabir and Grace’s characters. As you witness their minor connection, Kabir’s affections towards her will take you back to your younger days. On this account, here are the things that we have experienced when the cupid strikes for the first time.

Laugh out loud and remember your childhood as you watch Boyz

1. The shyness when that person comes in front of you

In your head, there are a lot of things you want to tell them, but, the moment they come in front of you, words don’t flow out. Like, Kabir is always scared to approach Grace as he feels very shy.

2. The encouragement you receive from your squad 

Kabir’s roommates, Dhungya and Dhairya have to encourage him to talk to Grace. If your BFFs aren’t setting you up or encouraging you (with pom-poms), then are they even your BFFs? All of us need a pep talk to approach our crushes.

3. The flaming jealousy when you see them with someone less

The actors Parth Bhalerao and Sumant Shinde in still from the movie Boyz.
Parth Bhalerao and Sumant Shinde in a still from Boyz.

Oh, the jealousy is real. Didn’t you observe Kabir’s expression when Grace gave her attention to Dhungya? The drama gets real between them.

4. Getting doe-eyed when you see them

Parth Bhalerao in a still from film Boyz.
Parth Bhalerao in a still from film Boyz.

Remember Kabir and Dhungya fall in love after Grace give her ballet performance on stage? That’s everyone after seeing their crush do something awesome.

5. You are full of innocence

Santosh Juvekar and Sumant Shinde in a still from Boyz.
Santosh Juvekar and Sumant Shinde in a still from Boyz.

When you see your crush, you are nervous and there are butterflies in your stomach. I noticed Kabir’s innocent feelings for Grace in the film.

Have you experienced feelings like Kabir? Do let us know in the comments below.

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