5 Suspense Dramas You Need To Watch If You Have Enjoyed The Latest ZEE5 Original Hawala

Sneha Bale

November 24, 2019


1 min

1. LIE

LIE aka Love, Intelligence, Emotion starring Nithin and Arjun Sarja is an interesting film about two mystery men. One is an undercover police offer and the other is a world-class magician. They constantly try to hunt down each other for a piece of fabric. But what’s the deal? Find it out here.

2. Saakshyam

Bellamkonda Sreenivas and Pooja Hegde starrer Saakshyam is one-of-a-kind film. While modern technology forms the basis of the film’s plot, Indian mythology adds all the meaning and meat to it. This combination is as kickass as it could get.

3. Spyder

Mahesh Babu‘s 2016 film, Spyder, is yet another subject that deals with highly contented topics – privacy. Where do you draw the lines? However, the way this movie uses its ideas and subjects makes it all ring well.

4. Duvvada Jaggannatham

Yet another undercover cop story is that of Allu Arjun in Duvvada Jaggannatham. A police officer has to go undercover as a pantulu to bring down the crime lord ruling as the minister. Don’t miss out on this chase.

5. Raja Cheyyi Vesthe

Nara Rohith’s brain baby, Raja Cheyyi Vesthe, is a story that will keep you engaged the whole time. There are twists after twists and plotlines introduced after plot lines. Something about the film keeps you constantly scared yet you can’t help but keep rooting for the protagonist.

Find more interesting films on ZEE5 and be sure to watch Hawala which releases on November 21.

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