5 Supernatural Shows You Can Watch On ZEE5 As You Wait For Bagh Bondi Khela

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January 1, 2020


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1. Vishkanya

Come January 6 and we have a fresh new Bengali TV serial, Bagh Bondi Khela, premiering on ZEE5. It’s a supernatural show with amazing VFX effects and a hint of romance which you must wait to watch. Check out the promo below to find out more. But even as you wait for it, here are five shows with a supernatural element that you can watch uninterrupted on ZEE5:

An enthralling story that will make you binge if you don’t follow the series. A girl named Aparajita (played by Ashwarya Khare) is born as a Vishkanya but she is unaware of this fact. She falls in love with Malay Mittal but her maternal aunt wants to use her powers to destroy the Mittals. What happens in this unpredictable, supernatural love story Vishkanya  will be very interesting for you to watch.

2. Aghori

Full of twists and turns, Aghori explores the story of a girl named Kamakshi who was born dead but was given a new life by her guru Chaitanya with the power of Panchtatva. Mahaguru Rudranath kills Kamakshi’s parents and wants her dead too. He hands this task to Ishaan, a young Aghori. As the story unfolds, we get to know that even Kamakshi possesses special powers. Will she be saved or will she have to sacrifice her life will be really thrilling to find out.

3. Trinayani

This No. 1 Bengali serial is about a strong protagonist with supernatural powers. Trinayani is a woman who has the power to see the future and discovers ways to help others lead a better life with its help. This Bengali TV series is perfect for anyone who wonders what the future holds for them. Will it be pleasant? What problems will await her? Watch Trinayani to find out.

4. Laal Ishq

Laal Ishq is a unique concept that will definitely sway you. Each episode shows a story of different couples who have had serious supernatural encounters and have faced tough choices at the end. What did fate have in mind for these couples and how their journey continued after they faced such events will take you on an emotional ride.

5. Maharakshak Devi

Maharakshak Devi is an amazing story of a young girl who spends 17 years away from civilisation. She comes back to fight off the asuras of the contemporary world and protects the people she cares about. Watch to find out where her journey leads her and if she will be able to defeat her enemies.

Want some more supernatural dose? Watch ZEE5 Original Series High Priestess.

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