5 Strong Female Characters Of Gattimela That You Must Know About


January 31, 2020

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We’re all aware about the intense budding love story between Vedanth and Amulya. However, here are the 5 powerful women of the show who show you the ideal qualities one must possess. Be it compassion or voicing your opinion, these beautiful bold women have got it all!

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Amulya played by Nisha Ravichandran, is undoubtedly the most powerful character of our favourite show Gattimela. It goes without saying that she strikes a perfect balance between being compassionate and being a strong opinionated woman. She cares for her family and always puts her her loved ones before herself. However, when it comes to her feelings towards Vedanth, she voices them out and fights for her love. She also confesses her love for Vedanth but gives him the space to identify his feelings for her.


Sudha plays Amulya’s mother. She shows immense support towards her four children and her husband. Her kids have been brought up with utmost care and sensitivity and that shows in the kind of relationship she has developed with them. As a parent, she has treated them with dignity and has taught them to fight for what is rightfully theirs. She is also a friend to her children which makes it easier for them to share their problems with her.

Source: ZEE5
Sudha with her daughters in a still from Gattimela


Aarthi might come across as a very timid character who does not say anything to anyone. While most part of her role involves being gentle and caring for her family and the more responsible one, when Sarika tries to marry Vikranth in an inebriated state, Aarthi comes to his rescue and slaps her for having tried to marry him. She also tells her not to take her quiet nature for granted as she will speak up when necessary.


Ajji who is Vedanth’s grandmother, s a resonating character regardless of her age. While Amulya and she have a similar nature, Ajji holds the family together. She advises Amulya and Vedanth about love and life and shows them the right path. She is also playful and funny but mostly a guide to the younger generation. She also corrects Suhasini’s actions of trying to bring Amulya down by telling her that status and money does not define someone’s personality, but their qualities do.

Source: ZEE5
Ajji and Vedanth in Gattimela


Adya is the ideal woman that one would want to be. She supports Vedanth but also corrects him whenever necessary. When he decides to marry Sahithya, Adya tells him not to take decisions in a hasty manner that he will regret later. An absolute heart-warming character, she also supports Amulya and takes care of her to the best of her capacity.


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