5 Sizzling Pictures Of Namma Shobitha Shivanna That Are Attention Grabbers

Pinky proves that she is more than just an overpowering sister-in-law. Get ready to fall in love!

Parinika Uchil

April 19, 2019

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Bramhagantu, airing on Zee Kannada, has done a brilliant job in selecting only the best actors for its roles. Playing the negative character Pinky is Shobitha Shivanna, who steals the show in every scene. While Pinky might be a total badass when it comes to fighting for the rights of her husband Datta, Shobitha prefers to keep a low-profile in real life.

If your day isn’t complete without Pinky’s interference in Geetha’s Life, watch this space:

Shobitha is a fashionista who makes the most of her time by engaging in various things at once. We, however, are always on the lookout for some interesting news or facets of her that we didn’t come across previously.

Check out these five sizzling avatars of Namma Pinky that will make you fall in love with her.

1. A dash of Yellow

Shobitha looks no less than a queen from the olden days, looking down upon her subjects. As you can notice, her only accessories are a pair of big earrings and a simple ring. Just fantastic! 

2. The exotic casuals

Even though this outfit might be the plain jane of the lot, Shobitha makes these simple khaki pants and a checks shirt look so exotic that I might buy a pair for myself soon. A simple half hair up-do does the trick of completing the look. Is that a train in the background?

3. Who loves Mustard?

Don’t we all have that love for mustard colour? This dress paired with a white blazer makes Shobitha look like a corporate employee of sorts. Again, her hairstyle and makeup are to the bare minimum which gives her style more depth in my opinion.

4. Keeping it crisp and tidy

Sitting on a flight of stairs and staring into the abyss is my favourite pastime too! Pinky sports a white shirt over jeans. This outfit is coupled with the checkered scarf and a pair of sunglasses. Can there be a better combination of clothes for a casual day?

5. Did someone spot an angel?

This is the best outfit of Shobitha from this lot. The headgear makes this outfit stand out from the rest. Some curls and decorative pieces on her hair makes this plain white with mirror bordered saree a dream to look at. You can almost say she is an angel descending from heaven!

After this photoshoot, Shobitha’s fans will surely be waiting for more pics to take inspiration from. We know that she acts brilliantly, but learning this aspect of her life totally surprised me, in a good way of course. Way to go Shobitha! 

Which outfit was your favourite? Any other outfits you think Shobitha will look ravishing in? Awaiting your thoughts and comments in the section below.

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