5 Signs You Are No Different Than Niharika Konidela’s Tara In Nanna Koochi

Sneha Bale

April 22, 2020


1 min

Loves her family beyond all extents

The ZEE5 Original Nanna Koochi stars Naga Babu and Niharika Konidela. In real life, the father-daughter have always expressed the love they share for each other. A slice of their lives this eight-episode mini-series. Most of us struck the right chord with Niharika’s character Tara, and today, let’s see if you relate to her too.

Watch the trailer here:

Tara loves her family and friends beyond all extents. But her love does not come out in ways that one would expect. She screams at her people and shuts them down with her jokes. She calls out on their mess and would not cook a meal fo them. But she loves them without a doubt, and that’s just her way.

Can *kill* people with words

Tara loves with all her heart, but her language might sound otherwise. She can swear and make people run away from her. But this trait makes her friends stay closer to her, and faraway from problems.

Never the one to bend the knee

Tara is strong-headed, and would never agree to bend the knee before someone else. More often than not, she figures out her mistake. After having a short phase of denial, Tara decides to make things right without having to step down.

Has a personal style

A beanie, Harry Potter glasses paired with a cool sweatshirt or zipper and finishing it all off with a good pair of sneakers. Tara isn’t your basic girl next door. She has a style and a swag of her own.

Always looking for a better way in life

If you look at Tara’s life, everything seems perfectly fine. While Tara agrees to it, too, she refuses to settle for what she has. Because she is constantly driving herself to do better.

Are you the Tara of your life? Let us know. Watch the full show here.

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