5 Signs You Are In A Toxic Relationship That You Need To Get Out Of

Sneha Bale

January 20, 2020


1 min

The red flags

We’re all a small part of the big society around us, and relationships are the most basic yet important element of our survival. Without relationships, our life would be meaningless. However, that mustn’t allow any space for bonds that consume your entirely, or drain you out of liveliness or strip away the happiness. When you see that happiness, it’s time to get up and leave, for your own sanity and harmony. Here are a few signs of a toxic relationship that you must watch out for.

Do not ignore the red flags! If the other person is avoiding meeting you, looking into your eyes or refusing to have a certain topic of conversation, then these are first telltale red flags that you must not ignore.

Keeping scores

Keeping scores may help a few perform better. But a relationship is a place to keep scores. It could be for something as silly as ‘I washed the dishes ten times, now it’s your turn’ to something disturbing as ‘I let go when you spoke to Mr X, now you cannot fight back’.

(Passive) Aggression

Aggression is one of the many emotions that we experience. However, it might stem from internal or external stimuli. When aggression becomes second nature, many people will end up being negatively affected, including the one experiencing/inflicting it. If this is a common practice for your partner, it’s time for you to get going!

Half-baked truths

Honestly is truly the best policy. And, there is a strong reason why most people do not tolerate dishonesty in any relationship. Because a person who cannot be honest to you about their deeds and thoughts can’t be loyal to you.

Lack of empathy

We all go through terrible times, and difficult days. While the occasional emotional outbursts are valid, such situations should be encountered with empathy and not the lack of it. It isn’t too hard to understand when your partner is being unempathetic or purely selfish. If they cannot respect your emotions, they are not respecting you either.

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