5 Signs To Look For If You Are An Inquisitive Person Like Jai From Kalyana Vaibhogam

Sneha Bale

November 22, 2019


1 min

1. Trying to stay a step ahead

In the Zee Telugu show Kalyana Vaibhogam, the going is getting tough for Jai, Manga and Nithya. Nithya is still trying hard to own Jai for life. Manga is trying her best to save Nithya from the troubles, even if it means going too far. Jai, on the other hand, has taken Chary’s drunk little pep-talk too seriously and is now out on the hunt for Nithya. But it did not start recently. Jai has been doubtful, curious and inquisitive about everything. Are you like him, too?

Jai is always trying to stay a step ahead of his enemies and his loved ones. He tries and figures out all the ways his enemy could think and works his way to close all doors for them.

2. Getting to the root of everything

Every time Manga, Jai, Chandrika or Prasad speak to Jai or around Jai, his ears shoot up. He suddenly wants to know about the conversation and the nitty-gritty of it. And no, Jai does not stop with a few things. If he seems the answers won’t come out easily, he will go the extra mile to find the root of everything.

3. Has eyes everywhere

With the way things are panning out around Jai, he has set up eleven men around his house and people. They are his eyes and ears. But Jai isn’t satisfied with it. Here’s a man who got a custom-made necklace with a camera inserted for his wife. That’s how inquisitive he is.

4. Never trusts easily

Jai always takes pride in talking about his business and the fact that he is the top businessman in the city. But that did not come easily to him. One of the biggest traits for his success, he boasts, is not trusting anyone. Even in his personal life, Jai has seen too many incidents to not trust anyone – including his wife, who he loves more than anyone or anything else.

5. Finds a way around every problem

Jai uses his contacts and his power to find a solution to everything. Missing a good night’s sleep and even acting rude with his loved ones, Jai does it all to find the perfect solution. Sometimes the end is farther than you think! But to every start, there is an end for sure.

While many problems have come and gone, the biggest one, Nithya, remains untouched. But we have faith in his curiosity and inquisitiveness that he will find the truth. What about you? Are you like Jai too? Let us know below. For more entertainment, check out iSmart Shankar on ZEE5.

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