5 Scenes Of Brahmanandam In Ravi Teja’s Balupu That Justify His Name ‘Crazy Mohan’

Sneha Bale

December 14, 2019


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1. The 'Crazy' planning master

The 2013 film, Balupu, starring Ravi Teja and Shruti Haasan, is an action-drama which has Brahmanandam in a pivotal role. And you know that means a laughter fest, right? Today, we handpick our favourite scenes from the film, which prove there can never be a replacement or substitute for Brahmanandam.

The first dialogue scene in the film has Brahmanandam a.k.a. ‘Crazy Mohan’, making a Pawan Kalyan fan go crazy. He calls the club’s waiter, who happens to be a PK fan, and modulates his voice to make the waiter believe it really is PK. And all of this for what? Cheap thrills, they call it.

2. The 'Crazy' player boy

Crazy Mohan encourages his niece, Shruti, to live her life on the edge, and be as crazy as possible. This ends up in them fooling multiple people. Most of them happen to be poor, young boys who are in love with Shruti. Why, you ask? Because Crazy Mohan likes to send them a wrong signal, as Shruti, via texts.

3. The 'Crazy' excuse maker

Finally, the crazy uncle-niece duo gets stuck with even crazier Ravi. While Shruti panics about all situation, Crazy Mohan comes up with crazy excuses. For example, he suggested throwing all of her clothes in the washer so that he cannot take her out. But as we said… he is crazier.

4. The one with 'Crazy' aggression

Crazy Mohan had had enough, and decided to put an end to Ravi’s drama. That’s when they walked up to Ravi’s doorstep — at a time when he won’t be home — and speak to his father (Prakash Raj). For starters, Crazy Mohan starts with a blatant lie and then his voice raises as the lies get crazier. 

5. The 'Crazy' guts

During the climax of the film, the hero gets the heroine and everything ends up in a happy group dance against the villains. Crazy Mohan, who had volunteered to help the villains (but was ignored), takes a step and stands facing the dons of the state. He scolds them left, right and centre. When the don tries to utter a word, he yells (even louder) “noru muyi” (shut your mouth) and joins the winners. Talk about guts…

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