5 Scenes In Fandry That Depict Discrimination That Dalits Face In Daily Life

Rukmini Chopra

September 14, 2019


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1. Jabya gets bullied at the fair

Nagraj Manjule’s film Fandry starring Somnath Awghade (Jabya) and Rajeshwari Kharat (Shalu) sheds light on the discrimination that lower caste groups such as the Dalits, face on daily basis. There are several hard-hitting scenes in the film that shed light on the same including this one, where Jabya gets bullied at a fair that he attends.

Watch the whole film here.

By virtue of being a Dalit, Jabya is often manhandled and ridiculed. In this scene, he is asked to leave a fair, by a man hailing from a higher caste.

2. Jabya's father faces exorbitant dowry demands

Jabya’s father is keen to marry off his daughter and the boy’s family comes to see her. Despite being from the same caste group, the latter makes exorbitant dowry demands, just because there’s a girl in involved. This scene is powerful as it depicts that though Dalits overall face immense discrimination on a daily basis, the women have it worse because of their gender. 

3. Jabya is expected to do a millennial job

It’s evident in Fandry that all the millennial jobs such as picking up trash or butchering pigs are expected to be completed by lower caste groups. In a scene, Jabya is passing by the house of a rich family when the owner stops him and sternly asks him to take out the piglet that is stuck in the pothole outside his gate. Jabya refuses and the owner is furious. Just then Jabya’s father passes by and he is told that his son has started thinking “highly of himself” and should do what he is asked to. 

4. Jabya asked to stop dancing

Jabya longs to be a part of the fun that the higher caste groups experience. As a result, at an event where all the villagers are dancing on the streets, Jabya takes his chance and starts dancing along with them. He is having a ball when his father intervenes and reminds him that he is not privileged to participate in such activities. He hands over a lamp to Jabya and asks him to show light to the villagers that are dancing around him. Jabya does what he asked, as he stifles his sobs.

This scene is heartbreaking as it is a reminder of the torture and ridicule that lower caste groups face at every step of the way.

5. Jabya is humiliated by his fellow villagers

The boy and his family take upon the task of butchering a pig, to help their business of selling pig meat. But their efforts are ridiculed as the villagers view it as a ‘Fandry (meaning pig in Marathi) match.’ They humiliate Jabya and poke fun at him, as he carries the carcass with his family.

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