5 Scenes Ft. Ravi Prakash In ZEE5 Original Chadarangam That Showcase His Calibre

Sneha Bale

March 18, 2020


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1. The innocence and honesty of a youth leader

The latest ZEE5 Telugu Original, Chadarangam has impressed audiences and critics alike. The political-drama by director Raj Anantha also manages to bring together some of the most iconic actors of Tollywood. From Meka Srikanth to Jeeva and Nagineedu, the ensemble cast is highly impressive. And when the names promise so much, you can only have your expectation sky-rocketing. Thankfully, not a single actor lets you down. The one who stands out from the crowd, however, has to be Ravi Prakash.

We are introduced to him, as Bapineedu, in the second episode of the first season. Although there is no flashback, we become familiar with his story. He is a nephew of the superstar, wanting to do something better and bigger. Yet he is humbled and respectful when someone much bigger than him speaks to him.

2. The diligence of an aspiring politician

As the story progresses, we see his ambition dripping through his eyes. In every eye contact and every conversation, Bapineedu comes across as the youth leader who cannot wait to get down to business.

3. The man who starts carving his own path

At one point, Bapineedu understands the aristocracy that his uncle aka the party leader, Gangadhar, directs everyone to. He does not oppose or rebel, yet Bapineedu finds a way to make himself heard.

4. The little victories

A great woman once said, “Power is not given, it’s taken”. And this statement surely rang a bell in Bapineedu’s fast-paced mind. He stops wasting his time in taking notes and starts making decisions that would reap larger benefits. Nobody knows of them, but the victories do make a change.

5. The rook

Finally, without batting an eye, Bapineedu turns into the man who starts to play the real game. He decides the move and makes sure Gangadhar thanks his own credibility for it. In politics, what matters is which party has the power and which one does not. Bapineedu understands that victory isn’t in sitting on the chair, but in holding on to it.

Watch his brilliant performance in Chadarangam, on ZEE5, streaming now. You can read more such stories right here.

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