5 Scenes From ZEE5 Original Series High Priestess That Are Spine Chilling

Sneha Bale

May 1, 2019


1 min

1. The Classic Pool Pull

ZEE5 Original High Priestess marks the digital debut of Tollywood superstar Amala Akkineni. The series explores a number of concepts and elements related to the supernatural, spirits and the other-worldly. However, the issues in High Priestess are relatable since the series is set in contemporary times.

The series doesn’t wait for a build-up sequence to establish what it really is about. High Priestess gets into the vibe from the first frame itself. It starts off simple but strong. The first episode sets the ball rolling in full force. Just when you try to understand if someone is swimming in the pool, she is pulled down.

2. Navigating Through The Dark

Every time we see darkness on the screen followed by one person trying to navigate through the dark, our hearts start racing faster because it seems to be obvious. In High Priestess, however, the case isn’t that simple. Yes, Amala’s character Swathi Reddy wakes up in the middle of the night and tries to find her way through the darkness. Although scary, this scene is visually great and keeps your hopes high.

3. Random Person In The Room

Yes! When Swathi enters one of the rooms, she finds the windows flapping against the grill and she sees a stranger at the edge of her room. This stranger is standing in a white night gown with blood stains all over her lower abdomen.

4. And What Follows

In the following scene, the strange lady in the white gown comes closer to Swathi. This is where it gets you clutching your palms. You’ve been warned! You would generally expect the ‘human being’ to yell and run at a sight as such. But not here. Swathi deals with her in a different way. How? Watch the first episode.

5. End Result

The first episode of High Priestess is the case of a missing man that psychic Swathi has to solve. Of course, she finds the answers. But the journey is disturbing. But, it is also highly important to take away the message that the makers are trying to deliver.

Attempting to fill in the blanks here? Watch High Priestess and get a clearer insight into these scenes. Or you could check out the hilarious ZEE5 Original web series What’s Up Panimanishi?

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