6 Scenes From The ZEE5 Original Film Ala That Will Move Something Inside Of You

Sneha Bale

July 1, 2019


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1. The nervousness and excitement of your first crush

The latest ZEE5 Original film Ala is a layered story that keeps feelings something or the other constantly. From happiness to sadness and from rage to depression, Ala perfectly packs everything in only two hours. We list down six such scenes that move us emotionally.

One of the scenes show Suri sitting with his friend after telling them about his first crush. Everyone starts making fun of him and has a good laugh. But they also encourage him to make the first move and talk to the girl. In fact, they plan ways to make their first conversation seem organic.

2. A trip down the memory lane

We are introduced to the characters through the song Andamaiyna Anandalani. The lyrics will remind you of the mischief and happiness that you find with your friends. We took time to remember everyone, did you?

3. Things that we don't understand until it's too late

At one point in the film, one of their seniors comes back to their hometown. And everyone decides to ‘chill’ with their senior sir. Like most others, even their senior tells them to ‘enjoy all the time in college’ that they have and that ‘this is the best time’. That’s something that no one understands… until they become seniors themselves.

4. The comfort of a companion

We go through a plethora of emotions when we’re in our teens. And it’s best accepts that only teens can understand each other. This is the exact time when finding comfort in your friends is the most important need. Snehith and Suri’s friendship will take you back to your days with your teenage BFF.

5. The heaviness of the heart

Most people think that they are the only ones dealing with a certain problem and therefore, prefer not sharing with others. It problems or the thoughts eventually become heavier and start consuming us, as a whole. But that’s not the solution. Help is always around. We just have to seek it.

6. The difference between alone and lonely

After Snehith’s death, Suri goes into a shell. Everyone around him accepts the reality and moves on in life. But Suri does not. Despite having all his friends, he feels lonely inside. Suri cannot even cry open and mourn for his friend openly. We have all had such moments.

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