5 Scenes From Postman On ZEE5 That Will Break Your Heart

July 12, 2019


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In the second review of Postman, we told you how Raja and Rajini’s emotional adventure journey would melt your heart. And in this web-post, we will talk about the scenes that would make you teary-eyed. Raja and Rajini, who set out on a mission to deliver eight letters to their recipients after 23 years, experience a variety of emotions when they become a part of people’s lives.

Take a look at the trailer of Postman here:

In the sixth episode titled Yemaatharavana Vida Yemaravan Thaan Muttal, Na Yemandhutten, the moment when a man John gets to know about his father’s sacrifice even after knowing his wife cheated on him, will make you cry. All his life, until his father’s greatness, was revealed to John, he nursed hatred for him.

In the seventh episode, Nallavangala Sodhippaan Aana Kai Vida Maattan, when Neha gets separated from Vishal, and he gets hit in the head by the goons, will give you goosebumps.

Friendship transcends the boundaries of faith and geographic boundaries. The eighth episode ‘Natpu Na Enna Nu Theriyuma?’ depicts the beautiful bond between Ravi Shankar and Ibrahim, who get separated in the 1960s. The moment when they reunite after over five decades will melt your heart.

Greed and lust for power only ruin a person’s life. And this gets proven in the ninth episode of Postman. Titled Kedaikuradhu Kedaikkama Irukkaadhu Kedaikaama Irukardhu Kedaikkadhu, the makers highlight the ill-effects of the envious and greedy nature of man. In this episode, the moment, when a deaf man named Sakthivel realises the atrocities committed by his brother, will make you feel numb.

And last but not the least, in the concluding episode titled Katham Katham,  when Raja gives Rajini the most significant gift of her life, you will feel a lump in your throat.

To know how the Postman’s story unfolds, watch the series. And for more entertainment, check out the videos of Poove Poochoodava on ZEE5.

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