5 Scenes From Laila Majnu That Completely Moved Us

The last one will move you to tears. Hats off to filmmaker Imtiaz Ali and the movie’s lead pair Avinash Tiwary and Tripti Dimri.

Ashutosh Oak

April 13, 2019


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Have you ever felt like watching a film again after seeing it once? There are very few filmmakers who will want to make you revisit their film. One of them is Imtiaz Ali for the way he treats the story. Imtiaz is known for having the expertise to treat emotional scenes so beautifully that they will move you. Here are five scenes from Laila Majnu  starring Avinash Tiwary and Tripti Dimri which will remain with you even after watching the love story.

The First Impression

First Impression Of Qays And Laila

This scene will make you remember the crazy memories of your first love. The way Qais and his friends follow Laila is something you will totally relate to.

Have a look at how Sajid Ali presented the ancient poem in a contemporary style:

Wedding Sequence 

The Wedding Scene From Laila Majnu

The wedding scene works as an ice-breaker in the movie. The interest to talk to each other is perfectly portrayed. Laila who was waiting for her fairy tale has finally got her Prince and her expression is something which will make you fall for her.

The equation between Qais and his father

Father Son in Laila Majnu

Though the movie is a love story there comes a moment when Qais tries to convince his father to allow him to marry Laila. This scene explores the bond that the two share in the film.

Transformation of Qais

Qays Transformation Laila Majnu

After waiting for Laila for a long time, Qais moves to a place with his brother and loses mental balance. In one of the scenes, Qais is seen talking to his imaginary Laila and people who are praying get disturbed by Qais and his behaviour. In return, they call him Majnu and throw stones following which he gets injured. This scene will break your heart.

Laila everywhere 

Laila Everywhere Laila Majnu

After a long wait and pain that Qais goes through, he finally goes to a place where he starts imagining Laila around him. He seems to be happy, but later on, it is shown that he has a psychological issue. This scene is one of the strongest ones and will move you to tears.

These five scenes were the best ones according to us that remained even after the film ended.

Share with us your favourite scene from the movie in the comments below.

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