5 Scenes From Kuttram 23 That Kept Us On The Edge Of Our Seat

June 25, 2019


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1. Death Of The Priest

Kuttram 23 focuses on the modern-day medical crimes and the stain that it leaves on the idea of humanity. Arun Vijay plays the leading role of ACP Vetrimaaran and Mahima Nambiar is seen as Thendral, who is also the love interest of Vetrimaaran. This action-packed movie with its close-knit plot structure and thrilling revelations makes for an interesting watch.

Watch the fast-paced and action-packed sequences in the movie Kuttram 23.

Since Kuttram 23 is a crime thriller, it has some scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Here are five such scenes, you shouldn’t miss!

The opening scene sets the tone of the movie. This is where the first murder in the movie happens, followed by a series of killing. The music, the camera angles and the initial brush with suspense are surely worth watching.

2. Anticipation Of An Attack

The entire sequence when the goons arrive at Thendral’s doorstep and Vetrimaaran tries his best to reach her house in time for her rescue if filled with adrenaline and is exciting.

3. The Chase

The sequence where Vetrimaaran tries to chase and catch the blackmailer who had been blackmailing a celebrity couple is also a thrilling one. The cut through the traffic, high-speed chase and rush of wind in the air, they all add up to the fast-paced thriller effect.

The Fight To Kill

The realistic fight sequence where Vetrimaran tackles Gaurav, the alleged blackmailer, who leads him to the main villain of the movie is a nail-biting moment in the movie.

5. The Final Face-off

The final fight of the movie but the well-executed sequence is where Vetrimaran faces John Matthew the main villain of the movie.

Which was your favourite scene amongst these? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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