5 Scenes From Enakkul Oruvan That Will Really Make You Laugh

August 24, 2019


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1. Vicky Meets Lucia

Enakkul Oruvan directed by Prasad Ramar is a psychological thriller, but apart from that, it is also a comedy. Enakkul Oruvan is based on 2013 Kannada film Lucia. The film tells two different stories about the same person in two different modes–black and white and colour. With some hilarious scenes and exceptional acting, this Siddharth starrer is a fun watch.

Watch the different shade of Vicky as seen in the movie Enakkul Oruvan.

Here are five funny scenes from the film that will make you ROFL.

This is one of the initial scenes in the movie and the entire sequence where the central character Vicky meets the drug peddler and goes to meet Vajravel, the main drug supplier, who gives him the drug Lucia, is fun filled.

2. Vicky’s Marriage Proposal

The time when Vicky’s parents feel that he should get married and they all go to meet a marriage broker is comical. This scene becomes even more funnier when they decide to go ahead and meet Divya’s father with the proposal of Vicky’s marriage.

3. Vicky Goes For An Interview

Again, one of the best scenes of the movie, where we see Vicky attending an interview for a “theyatru” (Vicky’s way of pronouncing theatre) job. Vicky’s simplicity, with his broken English, makes this scene really funny.

4. Vicky As The Tamil Teacher

In one of the most ironic and iconic scenes in the movie, we see how Vicky teaches some foreigners Tamil and Tamil slangs. This makes Divya angry as she wanted him to learn English from them.

5. Vicky Proposes Divya

No doubt this is a romantic scene, but it is also a funny scene where you see Vicky attempting to speak in English and and ask Divya out.

Go ahead have good laugh with these scenes and enjoying watching the character of Vicky. In the meantime, let us know your favourite scene in the comments section below.

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