5 Reasons Why You Should Watch LockUp This Weekend

With a stellar cast and a thrilling plot, you simply cannot miss out watching ZEE5’s latest original, LockUp, which is inspired from real-life.


August 14, 2020


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SG Charles is all set to make his directorial debut with ZEE5 Original thriller, LockUp. The film is a classic tale of police conspiracy that stems from encounter killings, quashing evidence and case material, digging up old cases, clash of cops and more. With a promotion at stake and unlawful money at play, there are a lot of things that make LockUp an intriguing tale.

Watch the trailer of LockUp right here.

The film revolves around the life of Vasanth, a sincere police officer who is struggling to get promoted to the sub-inspector position. Things turn rather nasty when he tries to take help from the senior officer Moorthy, who starts misusing Vasanth’s situation by making him indulge in a life of crime.

Meanwhile, a striking case concerning the death of Poorna leads to the opening of an old case as inspector Illavarasi starts digging out details of an old rape case and its connection to Poorna’s death. What follows next is how they all eventually come together as the ugly side of the case is revealed.

So why should you watch the film, you ask?

Gripping plot

The plot of the film has been inspired by true events. As mentioned above, the twisted tale of an old case with its connection to a new case while corrupt cops continue their business with goons is what unfolds in the rest of the film. If you are someone who thoroughly enjoys a cop drama, you would definitely find LockUp gripping. The gritty tale will keep you on the edge of the seat.

Grey shades of all characters

Every character has a story to say which puts them in quite a situation. Be it Vasanth putting his honour aside to do Moorthy’s dirty deeds or Illaravasi’s affinity towards the case concerning Poorna, the tales unfold and bring forth new horrors concerning the personalities of the characters. You would be intrigued and fascinated by the characters.

Source: ZEE5

Talented cast

The cast chosen by SG Charles for his directorial debut is quite talented. If you watch the promo, you can bet your Independence Day weekend that it would be worthwhile as the actors are good at their job. Besides, with a script so strong, you wouldn’t be surprised to see the actors get to the skin of their characters and convince the audience with their roles! The cast includes Vaibhav, Venkat Prabhu, Vani Bhojan, Easwari Rao and more.

Easwari Rao’s whole new avatar

You probably remember Easwari for her role as Rajinikanth’s wife in Kaala. The saucy-tongued Easwari from Kaala has undergone quite a transformation as a serious cop who wants answers. Watching Easwari don the inspector’s hat and catch heinous villains would be quite fun.

Lockup Eswari
Source: ZEE5

High-octane action sequences

As a cop thriller, you can expect some mad high-octane action sequences in the film. In fact, in the trailer of LockUp too, you can see Vaibhav beat some goons to the pulp as he does what is being told to him. You would be thoroughly entertained with the chase sequences too.

The film will be worth your time so do check it out!

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