5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Out On Jai And Swathi’s Vadacurry

September 28, 2019


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1. Jai's Character Satish

Vadacurry is a movie of errors, comedy and love. This film that features Jai and Swathi in the lead role,  revolves around an issue of a cheap mobile phone. Jai’s character Satish is a medical representative who owns a cheap mobile phone and due to this fact that he is subjected to constant embarrassment in front of his friends and colleagues. And it is his desire to own an iPhone that causes all the conflict in the movie.

Watch the fun-filled events in the movie Vadacurry.

Now, there are many aspects in the movie that makes this comedy movie a good movie but let us look at those five highlighting factors that make the base of the movie strong and just makes it a must watch.

Jai’s performance as Satish, simple guy, makes the movie relatable to many who live a simple life but have that one desire to achieve. His efforts to woo the girl he likes and his struggle to save his family, they all get that shade of ingenuity with Jai’s seasoned acting.

2. Naveena's Bubbly Nature

Swathi Reddy is seen to essay the role of Naveena, who is the love interest of Satish. Although her role seems limited, she manages to deliver her best and enthral the audience with her bubbly nature.

3. RJ Balaji's Karikalan

Karikalan aka Vadacurry is the character played by RJ Balaji. In the movie, we see that Karikalan is one of Satish’s friend and his screen presence and comedy timing just makes him hilarious on the screen.

4. Aruldoss' Mannerisms

Aruldoss plays the part of Satish’ elder brother, who is married and has a family of his own. His role as an MGR fan and an autorickshaw driver who tries to, at times, escape from his family responsibilities is worth watching.

5. Satish's Mobile

It would be highly unfair if one were to avoid Satish’s mobile out of this list. As, it this mobile that makes us laugh out loud and also which sets the wheels of action in motion, in the story. Thus, it is a treat to watch Satish use his phone.

So, do not delay any further, go ahead and watch Vadacurry to see the problems and mad fun in Satish’s life.

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