5 Reasons Why We Feel Arun Of Sembaruthi Is The Most Adorable Character

August 7, 2019


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We come across so many people in our day to day life, but only a few stay back in our memories. Arun of Sembaruthi is one such character on screen that comes across as an antidote to all our worries. Arun, the younger son of Purushothaman and Akhilandeshwari, is fun-loving, cute and a bubbly personality, whose screen presence alone makes the much-needed difference.

Those who follow Sembaruthi know that Arun’s presence will give them reasons to laugh their heart out. There are several reasons why we feel Arun is the most adorable character, but in the web-post, we will take a look at some of the most significant points.

1. Witty

Arun is witty, and his comic timing is impeccable. His scenes with Vanaja, in the last few episodes, have been an absolute laugh riot.

2. Expressive

Arun’s expressions are funny yet cute. Even if he doesn’t have dialogues, his expressions do the talking.

3. Supportive

If Adithya is Shri Rama, then Arun is his Lakshman. Arun has always been very supportive of his elder brother. He obeys his brother’s instructions and does all that he can to make Adithya happy.

4. Sensitive

Arun is fun-loving but not irresponsible. He is sensitive to people’s emotions and knows how to respect relationships. Arun respects Parvathy and is protective of her.

5. Childlike

Arun’s childlike innocence and charm make him a loveable character.

For the unversed, actor VJ Kathir essays the role of Arun in the super-hit daily soap starring Karthik Raj and Shabana Shajahan in the lead roles.  The show also has actors such as Priya Raman, Laxmi, Sanjay Kumar Asrani on board.

Let us know why you like Arun by leaving your comment in the box below and for more entertainment, watch Nachiyarpuram starring real-life couple Dinesh and Rachitha.

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