5 Reasons Why We All Love To Watch Chandradas On Sathya Enna Penkutty

Tom Francis

June 24, 2020


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1. Young at heart

Sathya Enna Penkutty’s Chandradas is an audience favourite for his fun moments with Sathya (Marsheena Neenu) on the show. Chandradas is the only person on the show Sathya looks for advice for his approachable and friendly nature. Even being a busy business owner, Chandradas is not one to back away from fun as he leads several pranks with Sathya and friends. For Sudhi and Sujitha, Chandradas is always a friend than their father. Here are several reasons why we all love to watch Chandradas on Sathya Enna Penkutty.

Even though he is mocked by Cleetus and Sudhi for not following the new trends, Chandradas is young at heart. He joins Sathya in her pranks to teach Sudhi and Cleetus a lesson. He pretends to fall unconscious when he hears the news of Sudhi in the hospital and scares Cleetus. We all loved how Cleetus was petrified when Chandradas got angry at him for not informing him about Sudhi’s accident. The funniest moment was when Cleetus falls on Chandradas’s feet, to apologise to him.

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2. Makes the best duo with Sathya

When Sujitha and Sudhi spoke ill of Sathya, Chandradas was the only one to support and console her for being misinterpreted. Even though he is a busy businessman, he always finds time to have fun with Sathya and her friends because he knows that she is good at heart. Chandradas understands the bold and beautiful girl behind Sathya’s tomboyish cover.

3. Fun loving

Be it passing quirky comments on Baiju or matching up with Sudhi’s one-liners, Chandradas always steals the show with his fun-loving persona. Even when he is a busy businessman with several responsibilities to take care of, he is always a call away to reach Sathya to have fun. How long do you think the duo can prank Sudhi and Cleetus? Keep watching Sathya Enna Penkutty to find out!

4. A loving father

Chandradas always gives his family the first priority and finds it to be his greatest strength. Even though Sudhi is mischievous, he trusts him with his decisions. Remember how scared he was when Thirumeni predicted Sudhi’s life to be in danger? Chandradas also cares for Sujitha and believes that she is falling prey to Baiju’s presence as a good person. Do you guys think Chandradas understands the truth behind Baiju’s new successful business venture?

5. Excellent judge of character

Be it Sudhi’s friends or Sujitha’s husband Baiju, his years of experience as a businessman has made Chandradas an excellent judge of character. He is the first to compliment boldness and has a particular skill to sniff out trouble. Even when he knows that Cleetus is mischievous, Chandradas believes that he is harmless. He was the first to accept Sathya for her bold personality and give her refuge in his home when she was in trouble. Chandradas was right to suspect Baiju of doing something wrong as he later revealed his drug business.

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