5 Reasons Why The Manjunath Sisters Have The Best Father Ever


April 16, 2020

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We’re all aware of the Manjunath sisters from Gattimela. While each one of them are different from the other, what really ties them together is their pillar of strength- their father. Manjunath, who plays Amulya, Aarthi, Adithi and Anjali’s father has taught his daughters how to deal with every situation that comes their way while also standing out in a crowd.

Here’s why he’s just the kind of father that everyone needs!

He’s Supportive

Manjunath supports his daughters in everything that they pursue. Not only does he show his support when they stand up for what they think is right but also teaches them how to believe in themselves. When Suhasini tries to fix up Amulya’s marriage, Manjunath tells her to talk to Suhasini herself and express her views regarding the same. He stands by her when she decides not to get married to anyone at that point in time.

He’s Caring

As their father, he is extremely caring towards his children as well as Parimala, his wife. With regard to Amulya, he shows utmost care and concern when she comes back home shattered from the fact that Vedanth has decided to marry someone else. He tells her to give herself more time to deal with this fact and stays with her that whole night to make sure she is okay.

A Still Of Manjunath, Amulya And Pari
Source: ZEE5

Gives His Children Freedom

Manjunath also gives his children the freedom to not only live life the way they want but also to make their own decisions. From giving Aarthi the freedom to choose her life partner Vikranth, to supporting Amulya when she falls in love with Vedanth, he has always been there with them as part of their journey along with advising them as and when it was needed. He also realises that as Aarthi is the oldest in the family, they have unconsciously curbed her freedom as she was expected to set an example for the younger sisters. However, he also comes to the realisation that she must be allowed to do everything she wishes to.

Is More Like A Friend

Manjunath is most importantly a good friend to his children. This not only makes it easier for the four sisters to be able to express their thoughts but also eradicates the need for them to lie which is very common with children and their fathers. The four sisters tell him everything that is in their mind as they know their father will guide them on the right path.

An Exclusive Still Of The Manjunath Family
Source: ZEE5

He’s Encouraging

As a father, Manjunath is extremely encouraging of what the children want to do. He encourages Amulya to pursue her dreams and continue working before she can think of marriage. He also makes Adithi aware of her potential and tells her and Anjali to focus on their studies.

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