5 Reasons Why Sembaruthi’s Adithya Is An Inspiration To Many

July 14, 2019


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1. An ideal son

Sembaruthi is not a super-hit show for no reason. The Tamil daily soap has all the elements in the right proportion to make it people’s hot favourite. It has romance, drama, comedy, action, all in a healthy blend to make it the most-watched show on the Tamil Television space. Karthik Raj, who essays Adithya in Sembaruthi, is one of the most loved actors on Indian TV. He inspires viewers by coming across as someone calm, composed, sensitive and sensible.

In this web-post, we will take you through five reasons that make Aadithya a loveable character.

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Parents feel blessed if they have a son like Adithya, who looks after them well, treats them with respect, shoulders their responsibility, and does all that he can to take care of their happiness.

2. A loving husband

Adithya knows how to treat his woman like a Queen. Adi, who is secretly married to Parvathy, loves her a lot and treats her with respect. We have seen him cooking for his ladylove, making her wear her slippers when she hurt her feet and lifting her in his arms. Every woman would like to have a husband who has qualities like Adi.

3. A fine human being

Adi hails from an affluent family but he knows how to treat people who may or may not be as rich as him. He treats everyone with respect. The fact that he is married to his driver’s daughter, proves that he values human relationships.

4. A calm and composed personality

A recent track revealed Adithya’s calm and composed nature. When he comes to know that there’s a conspiracy to put his mother behind bars, he handles the crisis tactfully without letting the pressure get on to his nerves. He gets anticipatory bail to prevent his mother’s arrest. Thus, his presence of mind stops his mother from facing an embarrassment,

5. A man of principles

Adithya is a man of principles and doesn’t do anything that’s unjust. He does what is right and knows how to keep up his words. He is committed to Parvathi and is waiting for the right time to disclose his marital status to his mother. He treats the women in his life with respect but at the same time, how to give a befitting reply to those who are unruly. Adi gives as good as he gets. That’s the striking quality about his personality. What do you think about Adi’s characterisation? Let us know by leaving your comments below. And if you love watching Tamil daily shows, watch Piriyatha Varam Vendum on ZEE5.

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