5 Reasons To Watch The 13 November 2019 Episode Of Maate Mantramu If You Hate Jogendra

Sneha Bale

November 13, 2019


1 min

Jogendra has officially hit the rock bottom of desperation

In Maate Mantramu, we have been seeing Jogendra pull strings and try in vain to get married to Vasundhara. His desperation to marry is evident with each of his words and movements. However, Jogendra has¬†officially hit the rock bottom of desperation to be with Vasundhara. In the latest episode, he dresses up as ‘robot’, wearing a Mickey Mouse costume to get closer to her.

Watch the episode here:

Jogendra is made fun of, by everyone

He thinks of getting inside the Kakarla house easily under this disguise and get closer to Vasundhara. But Murali, the fake-Vamsi, and Anand stop him at the doorstep and start making fun of him. You shouldn’t miss this scene.

Yet another dream sequence that Jogendra will not live

When Jogendra sees Vasundhara come out into the foyer along with other ladies of the family, his heart skips many beats. Once again, Jogendra slides into a dream sequence where he dances with Vasundhara. Moreover, he imagines Vasundhara holding a balloon-heart and smiling, ear-to-ear, for him. Well, *pop*.

Jogendra has a secret friend with him (It's a scorpion)

Jogendra ends up dancing like a robot to prove his originality. Well, that’s they all think. But he keeps moving, unsteadily, because he can feel something creeping and crawling on his back. A scorpion crept into Jogendra’s costume while he was getting dressed to win Vasundhara.

For once, Jogendra is being exploited

Once he convinces the Kakarla family that he is, in fact, Teddy: the robot, they decide to sit and watch him do all the work. Because, why not? Right!

You can do that too, sit and watch him be exploited, before TV on ZEE5. Similarly, watch Kalyana Vaibhogam here.

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