5 Reasons To Watch Mulshi Pattern In Your Next Break

The actors Om Bhutkar, Pravin Tarde and Mahesh Manjrekar deliver you an action-packed drama.

Manjiri Shete

April 23, 2019


3 min


While living in transit, we often catch ourselves marvelling at the beauty of tall skyscrapers. One similarity that we unknowingly share with these inanimate objects is, each day the population of buildings and people increases in our city making it grow further. Mulshi Pattern grabs our attention on this topic. Pravin Tarde’s directorial off-spring takes a plunge into the grievances of the farmers. Dissecting this topic, the film limelights upon the critical problem faced by them after their land is taken forcing them to migrate to the city.

Watch the movie below:

A poignant scenario is laid in front of us through Mulshi Pattern, as it no longer makes you see your favourite skyscraper the same way, again.

1. Starcast

The actors seen in the film are Mohan Joshi, Upendra Limaye, Pravin Tarde, Mahesh Manjrekar and Savita Malpekar. You have seen them reach out to us through their film/TV serials. In Mulshi Pattern,  yet again, they deep dive into refreshing roles.

2. Display of farmers’ problems

Mulshi Pattern begins with a voiceover talking about the city growing shapelessly like an amoeba. Not having enough budget to accommodate the needs of everyone, the rural migrants are forced to earn a menial livelihood. Having looted of their lands, a lot is lost when a family is destroyed.

3. Excellent character sketch

Om Bhutkar in Rahul’s character convinces us that he was born for this role. Coming from a poor family, he is pushed into the world of crime due to a cruel turn of events. Rahul’s growth from a docile child to a mafia is a complete knockout.

4. The chemistry between the actors

Mohan Joshi plays Rahul’s father who was robbed of his lands. Seeing their heart-wrenching acting will make you realise the gruesomeness of the world. Be prepared to see their vulnerability. Upendra Limaye essays inspector’s role, his character fights against Rahul unabashed attitude. The dialogue delivery between them will win your vote EVERY SINGLE TIME.

5. Songs 

If you are one of those people who enjoy music, then, Arara will leave you shaking your leg to it. Meanwhile, Pani Pani and Abhala have a lot of emotions more than your favourite love story.

So, when are you catching up on the movie? Let us know thoughts in the comments below.

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