5 Reasons To Watch Amjad Khan And Anju Kurien Starrer Igloo

July 17, 2019


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In an era when the complexities of modern urban life put us down, we tend to disregard the little blessings that come our way. We get extremely preoccupied with the challenges we face and take them a little too seriously. And these adversities make us ignore the fact that every dark cloud has a silver lining. Igloo, a ZEE5 Original film by Bharath Mohan, is like a breath of fresh air that will tell you life is beautiful irrespective of the agonies and ecstasies.

Take a look at the trailer of the film starring Amjad Khan and Anju Kurien here:

In this web-post, we will tell you why Igloo is a must-watch.

1. Life Is Beautiful
The protagonists in the film – Shiva (played by Amjad Khan) and Ramya (played by Anju Kurien) get struck by a tragedy that turns their world upside down. In spite of the nightmarish situation, they decide to face life head-on. Ramya gets diagnosed with a deadly disease, but she embraces all that falls in her kitty bravely.

2. The Act Of Loving Is No Rocket Science
Love is the most beautiful expression, and there’s nothing more appealing than that. Love transcends all barriers and turns out to be the winner in the end. If you have lost faith in love, restore your confidence in it by watching the film. Love is no rocket science but a profound expression.

3. Like Father Like Daughter(s)
Igloo revolves primarily around Shiva and his twin daughters Vaishu and Aishu. The film touches upon Shiva’s past and showcases the bond his wife shared with their daughters even without meeting them. Now, isn’t that intriguing. To know how a father raises his daughters single-handedly, watch Igloo.

4. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
When one of the children meets with an accident and lies motionless in the hospital bed, the other kid cries inconsolably. The thought of losing a loved one causes deep scars, but a leap of faith can do miracles. Hence, the saying – blood is thicker than water.

5. Real Is Gold
The filmmaker has tried to tell a story in the simplest way possible by dwelling on the realities of life. And you will love the way he has dealt with relationships. He has taken a realistic approach to help viewers relate to it.

Igloo speaks the universal language of love. To feel loved and realise that life is indeed beautiful, watch Igloo today exclusively on ZEE5.

And for more entertainment, watch Sathya on ZEE5.

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