5 Rare Facts About The Husi Nagu Actress Amrutha Srinivasan That You Didn’t Know Until Now

Her acting in the show is the highlight of the entire ZEE5 Original Series Husi Nagu. Watch it to treat yourself to some quality entertainment.

Parinika Uchil

April 29, 2019

Original Series

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The ZEE5 Original Series Husi Nagu is a fantastic web-series if you have the thriller bug. Starring Amrutha Srinivasan in the lead, the show looks at how twisted everyone’s life is. A different perspective to a normal family, Husi Nagu was conceptualised by prominent filmmaker Karthik Subbaraj under his own banner. It looks at the story of Mahati, a 24-yr old woman, who is forced to get married to a man named Ram by her father as part of a deal. According to it, Mahati is to complete 6 months in marriage after which her father will send her to study law abroad. Through a domino-effect of misadventures, the web-series slowly starts unfolding the life of Mahati, starting with the murder of her husband she accidentally commits.

Speaking of the lead, Amrutha, has done more than a fab job portraying many personalities, the dominant one being anger. Although look-wise the actress may seem pious and calm, but her character in the show and her acting skills saw anything but that. Now, I am sure you must want to know a little more about the actress, so let’s get straight to it.

1. She is a sucker for puppers and isn’t afraid to show it

2. Ice cream with Appa-Amma is her kind of birthday, oh and did I mention solving puzzles?

3. She supports Section 377 whole-heartedly

4. Amrutha sketches like a pro

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When I thought I could sketch ? 29-7-2012.

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5. Sweet-tooth is an understatement

Which fact about this actress surprised you the most? Type in your comments and send it in the space below.

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