5 Qualities Every Environmentalist Will Relate To Satya From Chi Va Chi Sau Ka

Wondering how to spot a nature lover in your squad? The following points will tick all the boxes.

Manjiri Shete

March 4, 2019


3 min


Chi Va Chi Sau Ka on Zee5 typically thrives on stereotypical jokes and the stigma around live in relationships. The main characters, Satya and Savitri are impressive in their very own ways. Like, Satya (Lalit Prabhakar) is an environmentalist, a quality that leaves a mark on the audience. If you just are driven towards protecting nature, then, here are qualities from Satya that you can relate to.

 Watch Chi Va Chi Sau Ka to get motivated to save nature

1. You want to save water

Time and again we have heard the urgency of saving water. However, this crisis is not hitting to the most of us. A true environmentalist like Satya will make sure not even a drop of water is going waste. You remember how Satya races behind the truck to fix the faulty water tap?

2. You are very sensitive towards nature

Mother Nature is not to be messed with. You support growing trees around you which promises greenery and fresh air. With this beautiful  initiative, you are making a better future for everyone.

3.  You can’t stand waste

You can’t stand the thought polluting your Mother Nature. Every time you see waste, you have to clean the place. Like, when Satya picks up the garbage that is lying in the court.

4. Any conversation starts and ends with nature

Being passionate about nature, you can go on talking about it for hours. Sometimes, you can try to enlighten people with your knowledge about nature, this is your way of growing awareness.

5. You will see them posting and liking environment-related posts

Obviously, your love for nature does not evade the realm of social media. Your share and likes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will be around love of nature and educating people about it. This is an awesome habit, as Mother Nature will be expressing gratitude towards you.

Do you have any environmentalist friends in your squad? We would love to know.

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