5 Powerful Scenes From Sindhu That Make The Show Worth A Watch

Here are 5 hard-hitting scenes from the popular daily soap Sindhu that you shouldn’t miss.

Kedar Koli

May 3, 2020


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Sindhu is a family drama that revolves around the story of a child prodigy who dreams of getting educated against her family’s wishes. Set against the backdrop of the 19th century, the narrative tries to shed light on the prevalent social evils. It is an ordinary tale of an extraordinary child who wants to break free from the societal norms. The show has managed to strike a chord owing to the progressive storyline that seems to be way ahead of its time. Here are five powerful scenes from Sindhu that make it worth the watch.

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1. Sindhu decides to run away from the house

A Still From Sindhu
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Sindhu’s stepmother Bhamini decides to get her married to someone who’s much older than poor Sindhu. Upon seeing the prospective groom, she is horrified. She doesn’t want to get married so soon and wants to pursue her education instead. Sindhu decides to flee from the house at night.

2. When Anna’s sister defends Godavari

A Still From Sindhu
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Anna’s sister is the only one in the family who defends Godavari. She knows that Godavari is being tortured by her in-laws and hence sides with her. Unlike others in the family, she’s empathetic towards Godavari.

3. Anna stands up against child marriage

A Still From Sindhu
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Anna gets furious after he comes to know that his family is planning Devavrat and Sindhu’s marriage. He is a progressive, forward-thinking man who doesn’t want to propagate a social evil like child marriage. Anna fights to get rid of this orthodox idea against the wishes of his family. He wants to see a change in society and hence goes against his own family.

4. Lele Guruji matches Sindhu’s horoscope

A Still From Sindhu
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Lele Guruji is one such character in the show who sparks trouble in Sidhu’s life with his evil means. He purposely matches the horoscopes of Devavrat and Sindhu even though they don’t. He knows that Sindhu would face problems if she gets married to Devavrat. Watch out for his brilliant performance in this scene.

5. Sindhu confronting her father after marriage

A Still From Sindhu
Source: Zee5

Sindhu doesn’t realise the fact that she needs to stay with her in-laws after her marriage. She naively asks her father to come along and stay with her. Her father convinces her that he can’t and asks Sindhu to look after her in-laws. Sindhu follows her father’s instructions and accepts her new role willingly.

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