5 Powerful Scenes From Nagraj Manjule’s Fandry

Rukmini Chopra

July 30, 2019


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1. Jabya's love letter for Rajeshwari

Nagraj Manjule’s film Fandry starring Somnath Awghade (Jabya) and Rajeshwari Kharat (Shalu) explores caste discrimination and how the practice is deep rooted in our society. Jabya, a teenager belonging to a Dalit family, falls for Shalu, a girl hailing from a higher cast. The boy is reminded that he is underprivileged and dark skinned, hence, can’t get a girl like Shalu.

Watch the whole film.

There are several heartwarming and powerful scenes in the film, starting with this one where Jabya writes a love letter to Shalu. This scene is beautiful as he attends a fair where she is present and observes her every move. And in the background, we get to hear the heartfelt words with which he has expressed his love for Shalu. Jabya’s simplicity and innocence here is captivating.

2. Jabya and his father try to catch a pig

In this scene, Jabya’s father gets after him to catch a pig. The family is involved in butchering and selling pigs and Jabya’s father wants him to get more involved. The two are chasing a pig when suddenly, the national anthem starts playing in the nearby school. The duo has no other option but to stand still and the pig escapes. This scene is hilarious and will leave you in splits!

3. Jabya gets teased by his friend

Jabya’s love for Shalu soon becomes common knowledge and this scene is proof. The boy’s friend starts singing a song and ends it with the line ‘Jabya loves Shalu.‘ This is a cute scene where Jabya starts chasing his friend, after the latter teases him. It will remind you of your school days.

4. A walk with the butchered pig

Jabya, who hates his family’s profession and doesn’t want anything to do with it, is eventually forced into butchering a pig. In one of the ending scenes in the film, the family takes a walk with the dead pig’s body. Interestingly, they pass a wall which has paintings of pioneers that fought against discrimination such as B.R Ambedkar and Jyotiba Phule. This scene is hard-hitting as it is a reminder that not much has changed since independence and the minority continues to be oppressed. 

5. Jabya's rebellion

In the ending scene, Jabya is fed up of the discrimination he is subjected to on the basis of his caste and colour. As a result, he protests in a violent way. He starts pelting stones at those making fun of him for butchering the pig. Jabya’s frustration and anger in this scene will shake you to the very core.

Watch the whole film above and tell us which scene did you like the most in the comments section below.

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