5 Places To Visit In Switzerland If You Plan A Trip Like Chitra Of Yaaradi Nee Mohini

July 29, 2019


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1. Matterhorn, Zermatt

Yaaradi Nee Mohini is a series which has intrigued the senses of the viewers with its fresh concept and interesting storyline. Now the fact is that along with the series the cast of the show has also managed to grip the interest of its audiences. So be it the bubbly Vennila or the vile Shwetha, they all have left their mark on the audience. In the midst of these characters, a character which stands alone and yet has a powerful impact is that of Chitra, who is the dead wife of Mutharasan. The part of Chitra is played by actress Yamuna Chinnadurai.

Watch the conflict in the series Yaaradi Nee Mohini.

Recently, Yamuna took a trip to Switzerland and she shared some interesting pictures on her Instagram page. Now if you are ever planning a trip to Switzerland here are five places that you must visit.

This pyramid-shaped giant mountain is one of the most famous spots in Switzerland and is also one of the most famous spots for mountaineers who come here to reach its summit.  Another attraction to this 4,478 metres high peak is the C=cable cars frequently zip through the mountain station.

2. Swiss National Park, Zernez

The Swiss National Park in Zernez is a sight to behold. This park boasts of the 172 square kilometres of pristine scenery starting from the snow-capped glaciers, verdant pastures, waterfalls to the lush woodlands, making it undoubtedly one of the best places to see in Switzerland.

3. Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva, is also referred to as Lac Léman by the French-speaking Swiss population who reside in the area. The 582 square kilometre-lake is surrounded by luxurious chateaus that adorn its shores and there are these stretches of hillside vineyards that rise from the lake, to give you this wonderful glimpse into the world of Swiss wines.

4. Lugano

Lugano gives Switzerland an entirely new perspective. This place which borders to Italy in the south is vivid with the Italian influence. One can see this influence in most of the things right from the local language, romantic villas, to the rich cuisines that this place has to offer. Although this a landlocked country, the weather in southern Switzerland is influenced by the rushes of warm Mediterranean air.

5. Lucerne

The lakeside city of Lucerne is situated in the heart of Switzerland. This postcard-perfect town is nestled amid beautiful mountainous scenery. The fortified towers, wooden bridges and timeworn churches festooned with antique frescoes give this traditional townscape a look and feel of a fairy tale town. This place is also known to add to the charm of Switzerland.

So, which of these places are you going to visit first? Share your thoughts with us in the section given below.

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