5 Oddities Of Mansi-Gaurav’s Relationship In Ninne Pelladatha That Make Them A Cute Couple

Sneha Bale

December 5, 2019


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Confused beginnings

In the Zee Telugu show Ninne Pelladatha, Gaurav and Mansi have been the most distinguished couple. The way they were tied in a holy union to the ways they found love for each other, everything about this couple is offbeat. And these oddities make them the cutest of all.

Mansi thought she loved Madhu. But soon she realised that Madhu had no impact or effect on her. That’s when she started to consider Gaurav as a potential partner, although they were already married by that time. Gaurav, on the other hand, kept wondering if his impulsive decision to marry Mansi was the right one.

Stealing glances

Stealing glances in a relationship is definitely the cutest thing. But in the case of Mansi and Gaurav, things aren’t simple. Because if Mansi gets a hint of Gaurav’s eyes on her, it’s an alarm for trouble. And if Gaurav, even mistakenly, catches Mansi looking at him – she will be ragged from dusk to dawn. It’s probably their weirdness that keeps them happy and together.

Silly and meaningless fights

The Kamineni-Kovalamudi family of Ninne Pelladatha is filled with loving couples. They are all young, mature and ambitious. And then, we have Mansi and Gaurav. In retrospect, Mansi and Gaurav’s most romantic moments are the endless, silly and meaningless fights they have.

Indirect romance

Romance does not always have to be the cliches. Our young and crazy couple master the art of being romantic, while pretending to be miles away from romance. The way they look at each other does all the talking. Yet, the words they speak will make you wonder if they even have a soft corner for each other.

True partners in everything

In all honesty, Mansi and Gaurav did not start off on a good note. Just like us, everyone feared if their relationship could hit the rock-bottom anymore. But, Surprise! Surprise! Soon, Mansi and Gaurav found themselves to be on the same mission – to unite Madhu and Mrudula. And, in this journey, they found each other as well.

What’s your favourite thing about these oddballs? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for the latest episodes and interesting stories on this show. For now, check out the intense crime-thriller, Hawala on ZEE5.

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