5 Myths About Teenage That Need To Be Debunked As You Watch ZEE5 Original Ala

Sneha Bale

June 24, 2019


1 min

1. Teenage is about rebellion

Teenagers manage to be the point of most conversations and concerns. Teenagers also happen to be central to most films and shows. Yet, they are the most misunderstood of all. If you think it’s adults who misunderstand, well, let’s break the bubble. Teenagers fail quite miserably to understand even one of their own. Dear teens, let’s sit down and debunk the myths that we have been made to believe are true to teenage.

Rebellion! Most films, shows and even books project teenagers as the ultimate go-getters. They are shown to be the ones who would go beyond boundaries to get what they want. But in reality, this is not the truth. With teenage, one does not become a different person with different needs.

2. Being 'cool' is mandatory

With teenage, suddenly everyone wants to shift their focus from better things to being the cool person. In this process, teens lose out on their authentic self. Dear teens, it is entirely alright if you do not look a certain way or speak a certain language. Guess what? You are trying to stand out by following everyone else. You do you! That’s how you will really be the cool one.

3. Teenage is for planning and preparation

Now, let’s talk about something that is relatable to all Indians. Our parents have been asking us to plan and prepare for the future for as long as we can remember. But hey, the only fact about future is that it has its own plan. You may have a blueprint prepared but you can decipher every single step. That’s life!

4. Teenage is where find 'love'

Agreed that Balu and Swapna in Kotha Bangaru Lokam found love in their teen years. But that’s a film with a pre-written script. That’s not what will be in store for us. Do not wait for your ‘the one’ and definitely do not settle for your teen love as the ‘one true love’ of your life. Cupid can strike you with love when you are 20, 25, 30 or even in your 40’s. Teenage love is, more often than not, meant for teenage only.

5. Teenagers don't care about anything

Reckless! That’s what older generations think about teens. But we all know how much truth it holds. Teenagers are too busy understanding themselves. But time and again we have seen teenagers who have marvelled at things that adults had been only thinking of. Teenagers do think a lot.

The next time you meet and greet a teen, make sure you respect them for being who they are instead of generalising them for being a teenager. Save the date to watch a slice of life story about teenage, Ala, only on ZEE5. Until then check out Bommarillu, streaming available for free.

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