5 Moments From The Latest Episode Of Maate Mantramu That You Should Check Out

Sneha Bale

May 3, 2019


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1. Nakshatra yelling "Manta manta!"

The Telugu show Maate Mantramu has picked up pace off late and the episodes come with a hint of comedy as well. The serial revolves around Vamsi and Vasundhara, played by Ali Reza and Pallavi Ramisetty. Currently, Vamsi is getting engaged to his mardal Nakshatra (played by Tulasi Yerra) against his wish. Here are five moments from the latest episode that make it more interesting.

Nakshatra has a wicked plan to keep Vasundhara away from the engagement ceremony. She convinces Vasundhara to apply a face pack so that she looks good for the ceremony. But Nakshatra had mixed glue in the pack to ruin things for her. Turns out, Nakshatra applies the wrong pack instead and ends up yelling “manta! manta!” (it’s burning!).

2. Kantam reeling with joy

Kantam (Karate Kalyani) is reeling with joy because she has successfully managed to keep Vasundhara away from the celebration. And now she can finally rope in her granddaughter Alekhya to marry Vamsi. And once they are married, Kantam can snatch the property of the Kakarla family.

3. Kantam's reality check

Just when Kantam starts celebrating her big success, Anand (Raj Donepudi) comes knocking on her door. He asks her for Vasundhara’s whereabouts. To this Kantam replies that she must be busy somewhere with Alekhya (while she was secretly happy about successfully kidnapping her). Just then, Anand finds Vasundhara in a large barrel, unconscious. *glass shatters for Kantam* (because it’s Alekhya who has been kidnapped.)

4. Vamsi is mesmerised

The pantulu tries to convey that Vamsi and Nakshatra’s union will do good to nobody in the family. But Aiyendri tries to shut him up every time. Vamsi has picked up on these hints and stays disinterested throughout. Until he looks up at the stairs… and his face lights up with a subtle smile.

5. Perfect timing and perfect entry

As soon as you start calling it doomsday, there comes walking Vasundhara with a new ray of hope. The moment Vamsi notices her on the stairs, he lets out a genuine smile. Well, that’s Vasundhara’s magic.

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