5 Moments From Madhu-Mrudula’s Honeymoon Trip In Ninne Pelladatha When We Felt The Chills

Sneha Bale

June 16, 2020


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1. The echo

Popular show Ninne Pelladatha left us hanging at one of the most interesting points in its history. A long time after their weddings, Madhu, Mrudula, Manasi and Gaurav finally went for a honeymoon trip. While we expected them to have a romantic getaway, fate had something different waiting in stores for them. From their still-impending and mysterious honeymoon getaway, here are six moments that sent chills down our spine.

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Soon after entering Ooty, the four youngsters yelled in excitement at the echo point. Everyone heard their own voices except for Madhu. He heard a lady’s voice. They ignored it to be a prank, but the look on Madhu’s face told us that he probably knew more than he told others.

2. The unexplained disturbance

Just when Madhu thought that everything in life was good, they were disturbed by an unexplained knock. It managed to scare us as much as it made us intrigued. Who could it be and why would anyone do that?

3. An eye-contact

Madhu and Mrudula step outside to search for a culprit or an answer. But all they find is Gaurav and Mansi enjoying their moment. While Mansi, Gaurav and Mrudula try to solve the mystery, only Madhu sees the mysterious maple leaf that had been wherever they went.

4. A new mystery

As if the previous night’s door-knocking incident wasn’t enough, a new mystery walks into Madhu’s life. The clock that Gaurav gifts Madhu has a bloodied picture of a woman, who is not Mrudula. Gaurav may have joked about the uncanny connection between the woman in this picture and the woman who replied to Madhu’s voice, but we deeply sense an unsettling connection.

5. Another call from the unknown

Finally, let’s talk about the moment when Mrudula falls unconscious, mysteriously again. They were all playing happily and Madhu was getting closer and closer to his wife. At that moment, Mrudula felt the bonfire on her face and falls unconscious. We cannot help but wonder why the air in Ooty has a problem with Madhu and Mrudula’s union!

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