5 Lessons You Can Take Away From Swayam And Amarja’s Love Story In Ashi Hi Aashiqui

Rukmini Chopra

June 19, 2019


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1. Have fun with your partner

Sachin Pilgaonkar’s film Ashi Hi Aashiqui starring Abhinay Berde and Hemal Ingle is an ideal love story that you can enjoy with your partner. It tells the story of a boy named Swayam,who falls for Amarja but certain tragic circumstances test their relationship. This film teaches us a lot of lessons, one of them being that it’s important to have fun with your partner.

Watch the whole film here.

A serious relationship can get boring so make sure you keep it fun and goofy. Go on adventurous trips or indulge in a friendly board game. Keep doing something out-of-the- box to keep the crazy quotient alive with your partner.

2. Get to know each other thoroughly

Before you decide that he or she is the one, get to know your partner properly. Talk to each other, learn about one another. When you’re smitten, it’s easy to take rash decisions. But tread cautiously and take the plunge only when you feel it’s right and like you know your partner.

3. Be there for your partner

Throughout the film, we see Swayam and Amarja facing their own set of challenges but having each other’s backs. They support one another and help each other out. It’s vital that you be there for your partner and vice-versa as that’s what builds a relationship and makes it rock solid.

4. Keep the spark alive

They say that the romance eventually dies out in a relationship. While that might be true, it’s upon you and your partner to keep it alive. Go on random dates, movie nights, long drives etc. to keep the spark alive. Amarja and Swayam always make it a point to do so and so can you!

5. In sickness and in health

While it’s important to be emotionally present for your partner, you need to do the same physically as well, to provide comfort. When Swayam is ill in the movie, Amarja is by his side through thick and thin. As they say, in sickness and in health!

Which of these points do you think is the most important for a successful relationship? Tell us in the comments section below!

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