5 Jumpsuits You Need To Have In Your Wardrobe If You Like Hurta Durgule’s Style

Your easy guide to look stylish this season.

Manjiri Shete

June 25, 2019


3 min


Everyone who has worn a jumpsuit (at least once in life) would relate to the trouble of fully undressing each time you have answer nature’s call. That ‘ugh’ moment. But even after having so many UGHs, jumpsuits are one wardrobe essential that you can’t be giving up on. They make you look stylish without you having to pout. Just ask, Hruta Durgule who essays the Vaidehi’s character in Phulpakhru on ZEE5.

Apart from being a fashionista, she is also an excellent actor in Phulpakhru on Zee5

The Phulpakhru actor is known for acting as much for her fashion sense. Recently, she flaunted an Indo-western jumpsuit which we couldn’t get enough of! Taking notes from Hruta, here are jumpsuit styles you should be wearing this season!

1. Hey, sunshine!

This jumpsuit is probably more versatile than an egg (scrambled, poached, fried…) as it is perfect for day and night time look. For the daytime, you can team it with a cool pair of sunnies and heels (or sneakers).

2. Straps? What straps!

This variation will leave your shoulders bare and free. Given its figure-hugging style, this jumpsuit is perfect if you are looking to enhance your figure. Otherwise, a hippie/ colourful shrug would work right, too!

3. Baggy pants alert!

This jumpsuit is a lovechild of a kimono and a jumpsuit. The geometric structure and vibrant colour give it an earthy feel. Just throw in a straw hat and a basket bag (which currently trending, BTW); you will be set to go. Voila!

4. Off shoulder power!

This look is screaming, “Where’s the party tonight?” All you need a bright swipe of crimson and you are good to go! Make sure your lipstick is matte and ready for the adventures the night unfolds.

After suggesting these looks, we would love to know which ones you’re adding to your cart!

After done staring at these looks, don’t forget to tune into Hruta’s superhit dance performance at Zee Yuva Sanman.


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