5 Items You Need To Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like Rannaghar Host Aparajita Auddy

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December 20, 2019


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1. The Christmas Star

Baro maashey tero parbon – that’s what we Bengalis celebrate. Durga Puja and Kali Pujo may be over, but the festive season hasn’t gone anywhere. Christmas is right around the corner and so is a whole new year. The mercury has dipped across Bengal and there is a delicious nip in the air. With stars and fairy lights adorning the streets, everyone is Christmas ready. So our are stars. Rannaghar host and Kishore Kumar Junior actor Aparajita Auddy, too, is ready with her tree. Are you putting up one yourself too? We got you a handy list of all the things that you need to make your Christmas tree look as extravagant and gorgeous as Aparajita’s. Watch her movie below.

The star is the main attraction of every Christmas tree, so don’t miss it! Fix a star at the top of the tree to start out with your decorations. A star is used to represent the one that guided the three wise men.

2. Fairy lights

Wrap your tree with the most vibrant fairy lights that you can find. You can give your tree a special glow by attaching string lantern lights as an alternative.

3. Bobbles and traditional ornaments

You can make your tree more attractive with the help of bobbles. Try various colours combinations of bobbles, as you fix them on different branches of the tree.

4. Tinsels

Add glitter and sparkle to your tree as you cover it with tinsels. These metallic garlands that are commonly used for decoration during Christmas.

5. Candy canes

Give your festival a ‘sweet’ touch by adding candy canes to your tree. These represent the sweet moments and traditions that everyone experiences during Christmas.

Enjoy the festival season as you try out these simple add-ons for your Christmas tree. Apply new decoration styles like Aparajita and have a lovely Christmas!

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