5 Instagram Videos Of Rasathi That Proves She Is The Funniest Of All

July 5, 2019


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Rasaathi has become a household name thanks to  Oru Oorula Oru Rajakumari.  The character is portrayed by Ashwini. In the series, Rasathi is an obese woman, who is battling body shaming that occurs in society.  In the series, we see that Rasathi has to face a lot of problems along with the body shaming issue. But in the midst of all the problems that Rasathi has to face and overcome, she comes across as a jovial character who likes to laugh out and live the life to the fullest.

Watch the struggle that Rasathi has to face in the series Oru Oorula Oru Rajakumari.

Now, did you know that in real life too Ashiwni is a very light-hearted person? If you do not believe me when I say that she is a ball of energy, here are some of her Instagram post that proves her lighter side.

1. The rowdy baby!

The song is no doubt a peppy number by Ashwini makes it a point to add more life to it with her cuteness.

2. Expressions of love

Just look at those cute expressions! Now, who would say that Rasathi is bogged down with problems?

3. Dance moves


For dancing is something that you feel and do! At least that is what Ashwini manages to tell us through this video.

4. The angry side


Who knew that being angry would also seem so cute? Well, I am confused about whether to be afraid of her rage or smile.

5. Desi madness

Wait for the end to catch that typical Indianess in the tone of the ladies! But seriously the acting by the duo is just rib-tickling.

So, take a note from Ashwini’s positivity and energy and try to adapt it in your life. For life is what you create out of it. Be happy and spread happiness!

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