5 Instagram Posts Of Sembaruthi’s Adithya That Show He Is A True Star

June 23, 2019


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Sembaruthi is a show that streams on ZEE5 and that has made a mark on the minds of the viewers. Only recently did this show complete its 500th episode. The show that has an array of strong actors who just mesmerise us with their skills also manage to steal our hearts with their exemplary personal life which they share on their social media sites. Among the stars of Sembaruthi who share their life moments on Instagram, the most silent and yet the most anticipated one is Karthik Raj.

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Karthik in the show plays the part of Adithya, who is the eldest son of Akhilandeshwari (Priya Raman). The role of Adithya is a powerful one and it must be said that Karthik does justice to the role. He not only fits that character but it seems as if he was born to play that role. His persona and his screen presence is just remarkable and is much appreciated by the viewers of the show.

But as mentioned earlier his swag is not just restricted to the character but it is also something that he carries with him in real life. Although this actor is not much active on social media sites, the little few posts that he shares on his Instagram handle. And among these few pictures, we have noticed a few which just doesn’t prove his style quotient but establishes a fact that he is a star of the masses. So, here are five of his posts that prove his massy image.






So, which among these pictures is your favourite of the actor Karthik Raj? And do remember to tell us the reason why you like Adi in Sembaruthi in the comments sections below.

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